D for Defense: Hello foreign people!

This is something that may have happened to you more than once. Mountain View fills us with subliminal messages, ads that feed our minds and their lust for profit every time you search in their famous engine.


Every new keystroke opens new posibilities, a whole new range of trends that guide our steps, free will is only a mirage. Freedom of choice doesn’t exist.


When a sugestion is repeated a thousand times it becomes an imposition. The influence of these constant micro impacts over our ability to choose is guiding society to a single brainwashed thought.


We trust all our information to a company in exchange for a perception of freedom in our searches. Well, that and free email. Also a neverending repository with publications and videos… And a detailed mapping of the whole globe. And blogs. And… But let’s not get sidetracked, they are the ones making a fortune. This makes us realize the inmense value and influence of the shown results that we didn’t even ask for. Well versed minds call this "Attention Economy".


We mustn’t underestimate the impact of these small viewings have in our subconscious. We are continually bombed by these messages. And we end up following them.


And sometimes what we find fits what we were looking for.

Until it reaches a point in which you can’t deny the manipulation.


Seven simple keystrokes in the most popular webpage in the world reveal a shocking message, a cruel joke that attacks the most basic human dignity. That’s why all of us that have sometime looked for information related with our favorite author have ended up visiting The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings.



In this webpage we find out that some guys called Hanstock and B have dedicated their time to the useless task of tracing ROB!‘s graphic work looking for any image that they can use for a joke. And because ROB! is generous they have succeded in twisting the greatness of his work with a sickening analysis in a series of texts that only shows their disgusting jelousy. 

Think this for a minute. Adult men that invest their time and efford in the ridiculous task of defending the indefendable. Isn’t it sick? 

But the important question is: are we going to allow it? 

And the obvious answer is NO. 

That is why our Organization asked the most illustrious minds of internet to join us in the preparation of a counter attack, using lucid, clear and inteligent defense texts that reply to each and every stupid argument found in that webpage. To show them again that the pen is always stronger than the sword (even if it’s Conan’s).



As I was saying we contacted with the best the internet has to offer, but after many months without an answer we finally had to do the job ourselves. 

And this is why, dear disciples, that from this day we start what will be a series of 40 reference texts to do justice. Every sunday (as sunday is the day of our LÖRD!) you will be given a Defense to the offensive words from those kids of Progressive Boing. Even if it arrives too late every action has a reaction. 

We start soon, very soon, be ready.

(Ok, to tell you the truth we already wrote and published these texts during the last two years, although its difusion was limited, due to language issues, to the Spaniard community. It had a great success and feedback -maybe we are lying, but you can not prove it, this is why we love Internet- and we were asked millions thousand of times to translate it to English to show the normal world our love for ROB!s work. ADLO means Association for the Defense of Liefeld and Others, and we have been invading people’s mind since 1999 to show the real way comics books must be done. Because if you learn to enjoy ROB! Liefeld, you will be able to enjoy almost everything, everybody will be happier and our passing in this plane of existence will be more comfortable. Or maybe it is just for laughs and we are only a lot of people with a lot of free time, you choose. In any case, we have put our heart and effort to show you that there is other way for analyzing and loving comics. Every Sunday we will be here for you to present a new defense, we hope you enjoy it at least in the same way we did it creating them and Xum making translations of our bad and ununderstanable Spanish to Lobdell’s language)


18 comentarios en «D for Defense: Hello foreign people!»

  1. Hey, that is great! Your web will be now the milk on scooter and finally known worldwide! My only doubt now is: what happen if I click on that «Do you speak English? Click Here!»? Will it be a metalanguage post?

  2. As usual you show your perennial neocolonialistic mindset in posting these texts ina foreing languaje BEFORE translating them to other national ones like guanche, for example. You still hate us canarian islanders for being better than you.
    By chance, do you know Mark Millar?

  3. The only thing i can think of is AWESOME!!!
    Your hard work will be see in future generations like an example of Mariano Rajoy’s changes on the spanish society.
    Will you ask for a contribution like the medical bills on Catalonia?

  4. @Erk I am not sure if ROB! already knows about our adoration towards him. I would tell him but I don’t think I am pure enough to engage him in a conversation.

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