D for Defense #40

(by Eme A)

The daring and arrogant thinking entities from Progressive Boink acuse ROB! of not knowing how to draw women, they even suggest this may be as a consequence of not having seen one in his life. Ignorance is always bold

Our ROB! drawing aren’t showing women… Only SuperWomen. They are avatars of a Supreme Femenine Spirit. No heterosexual male (or homosexual female) could ever take their eyes off them. In summary and using words that even them will understand: these women are HOT

But bidimensional art representation has it’s limitations. Even ROB!, the greatest penciller in the last two centuries, feels uncapable of realistically representing the buxom babes that this story requires. Which is the solution that this great narrator finds? Subjetivity

In these images we see women though the eyes of an external observer, and not even him can stand the vision of such goddesses. He is feeling dizzy, he is having hallucinations, his brain can’t retain the image of perfection made flesh. ROB! doesn’t draw deformed women: he draws how the sight of the observer gets deformed by these women

This is the greatness of ROB!

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  1. Ya era hora. Así debería aparecer todo lo relacionado con Rob en Adlo, en su idioma, en versión original. O puede que sean cosas mías después de muchos, muchos años deseando aprender inglés que hasta veo ya textos en el idioma del imperio. ¿Por la magia de Alan Moore? Heavy new year

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