D for Defense #22

(Previously on DfD…)

(by Uriondo)

The writer of these series of the slanders we have been disecting during the last months wrote, using as an excuse the beautifull image we present above, this completetly infamy:

"I will bet money that this picture was traced from child pornography.  I have never seen a drawing of lips make me feel as creepy as looking at this does".

In first place I want to stress that if you are a weirdo, you are a weirdo. Don’t blame ROB!. In fact, ask for help. Others have done it, or at least they have the decency of undergoing chemical castration that keeps them away from those insane impulses. I would say that the defense of this image is the easiest of all that have already been published.

Having already defended the image I would also like to exalt the exaltation of innocence that our idol promotes. Far from falling into the the easy sexuality that surrounds our everyday, we suspect that ROB! has a clear, healthy and clean answer to the classic comic book question that has alredy been discussed for so long.

Exactly. That question.

And the answer from ROB! is: No! Jotace is wrong! It’s just his sidekick!

Nobody doubt that the fight against child abuse is being spearheaded by ROB! as he clearly indicates our kids what they should answer to any stranger who try to divert them from their way to school: YOU AINT MY DADDY.

Turn away, young ones, from candy giving strangers and listen to the voice of ROB!

Follow the example of this kid and say YOU AINT MY DADDY to those men who stalk public places looking for easy prey.

But that is not the only answer. There are other, for more bold, that come from our most important cultural (spanish) heritage:


(Be here next week for this:


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