D for Defense #31

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(by J Calduch)

The uselessness of the people from Progressive Boink reaches the point where they mock a drawing that it isn’t even kept any longer in their server, in it’s place we can only see a little black square, which would explain our troubles finding someone to defend it. Without wanting to create a precendent it’s going to be me, the one signing who is also going to do the Defense this week. No problem, it’s a great service, even a pleasure, to defend these images. I kept a copy of the image from when they published their text circa 2007, un a folder, well preserved, just in case that one day… And that day just arrived. 4th of March, I can feel thousands of expectant surfers at the other side of the screen. Here we go!

Let’s see, in the image ROB! is introducing a new character that will gain in importance during his period at X-Force, although when Liefeld left the book the following artists didn’t know how to handle him correctly and he fell into oblivion. G. W. Bridge, a powerfull name for a S.H.I.E.L.D executive. It’s the first time we see him so the artist is going to show us the basics of the character so that in just a look of this image we can know all his key aspects.

A uniform. We see technology, we see armament, we see belts, the essence of what the counter espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D was during the 90s. And the one wearing this cool outfit is precisely G.W. Bridge. A great character. Really great. We can see how great he is comparing him to the character at his side, with the ship in the background  and especially with those little men burning the associate’s leg. A real gigant. At the very least as his namesake George Washington bridge.

The bonfire is clearly an unsolved reference to the movie "The Wicker Man", the 1973 version which latter (in 2006) would be remaked by the comicbook fanatic Nicholas Cage. We don’t have to spell out that the result was an AWESOME! remake, as it happens with everything that is remotely related with ROB! even if it is this obliquely manner. We can’t even rule out that this image was a reference (using tachyons) to the remake. Nothing is imposible for HIM!.



This sensation gets confirmed when you realize that by assuming that the associate is really a "straw man" like the one in the movie, you can then coherently explain the lumpy texture of his uniform (like he recently arrived from one of those japanese parties). The "straw man" expresion has probably an important meaning in the espionage jargon but Nicieza didn’t want to delve any further in these suggestive aspects. It probably happened as with many others that only managed to see there a cast character whose only use was to reply to Bridge. The potential was there, you just needed to see it and use it.

But let’s get back to the defense, we were still arguing that G.W. Bridge is a great character, huge. In fact, he is so huge that his image has several sets of vanishing lines. As we focus on them, we can see they make atention of the viewer converge in a single point of Bridge’s internal horizon as he is SO huge he has his own vanishing point. That point is in his… Well, let’s asume you can also see it.

The Family Jewels. The Master of Ceremonies. The General with two Colonels. G.W.Bridge is great, strong, a soldier. And especially he has B*LLS. One look at the image and you involuntary focus there, wonders of perspective. He is a character with B*LLS. A big boss from S.H.I.E.L.D. with a cool 90s uniform and b*lls. G.W. Bridge has b*lls, and we know it from his very first appearance, an impresive demonstration of character that shows Liefeld’s skill to convey feelings through dinamic statism, a technique that makes even the most paused scenes trasmit testosterone and manhood. In just a single word: b*lls. What a difference with the static dinamism from other modern "artists" whose action scenes just make you yawn.

Now I would like you to imagine any other awesome character, but that it wasn’t created by ROB!, and track down his very first appearance, this way you will see better the merit of this presentation that we have just been studying.  Whomever said that comparisons are hatefull is the one who doesn’t end up well when they are made. [Yo suprimiria esta frase]

Leaving aside all these facts and entering the domains of especulation I have my own theory about G.W. Bridge. The character, created in 1991, has gray hair like Bill Clinton, president of the United States from 1993 until 2001. Not only that but he is called G.W. as G.W. Bush who followed him in the presidency from 2001 until 2008. They were succeeded by Barack Obama who is african-american, like G.W. Bridge! Could it be posible that through this character, named as the first president of the United States, ROB! was predicting the next presidents of his country? We will end up knowing as the future becomes the present. So when the next person who sits on the presidential seat has a goatie or wears his trousers up his belly remember that HE! already told us. And believe a little more.

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