D for Defense #28

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(by Isaac Hernández)

I was asked to defend this image from one of ROB!’s comics and I must confess I have never in my life been in such a pickle. Defend? What should I defend? Is there anything strange in this image? I sincerely don’t see it.

I have been told that the folks who hide in the Progressive Boink blog think that the image has some kind of perspective problem that puts the two characters in different planes unable to hit each other. However, as we explained in other occasion, ROB! is the greatest artist of all time, he broke old concepts like classic perspective and tries to teach modern artists new paths to tread.

Only someone with no artistic culture would confuse ROB!’s brave use of perspective with an error, with only one drawing he tries to emphasize actions and feelings. Two fighters, two different positions in a masterfull way of demonstrating that as much Prophet and Combat fight none of them will never persuade or impose their ideas on the other. These degrees of separation that place them so near and so far at the same time are a brave allegation against violence on an author that has sometimes unfairly being acused of having a pro-belicist point of view.

Not satisfied with uncovering to the internet community their blindness, the boys from Progressive Boink also make a fool of themselves when they say that he dialog in the piece is too long for the action represented. As if a time traveler and an alien had to be subjected to the verbal limitations of a normal human being. You have to be childish to think like that!!

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