D for Defense #32

(Previously on DfD…)

(by Dan J. "Herbie")

After our fair defense of ROB! from the repeated attacks of Progressive Boink we find ourselves again in front of a new example. These "people" (we can’t find any other noun to define them) accuse master ROB! of filling his master pieces with Character’s faces that are full of lines. Yes. Characters with a first capital letter, it’s their right as ROB!’s creations. Continuing with the criticism, it jokes that these lines make any Character older, and in over beloved Shaft it would make him around 900 years old. Heretics! Don’t they know that the glorious ROB!’s will handles, twist and improves the continuum of space and time?

ROB! is beyond the past, further than the future and who knows where in the present. His work is equally appreciated and admired throughout the eons. The lines that we mentioned before are variation from different pictorical times that are still yet to come and that HE is their Prophet.

Also, these thugs from Progressive Boink dare to doubt the illumination in the image. How can’t they see they are before a master piece? The illumination comes from the Sun, from a lamp or a passing car… But furthermore, it comes from ROB!’s eyes when he looks at the paper, illuminating Shaft’s hair and giving it a life of it’s own that would be impossible to do for any other artist.

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