D for Defense #36

Boy can old Rob design a costume!  Let’s see, half-jacket, turtleneck, matching dance troupe gloves and oh yes GIGANTIC AREA.  Apparently the background artist for this panel was Harold, who was kind enough to lend his magic crayon to the scene.  Hey, no feet in this one!  Score!  Oops, still managed to fuck up Deadpool’s hand pretty bad, though.  Oh well, I’m sure too many people will be unable to tear their eyes from that bulging gray package to give a shit.

Let’s start by saying that ROB! is, among other things, a Cool Hunter and a trend creator. His risky and innovative designs may scare those that prefer the old spandex look but ROB! has always been unique and managed to give his clothes a unique personal brand.

ROB! in this design conveys that this character is in fashion as he has carefully combines both colours and complements:

On one hand his red blazer (tipical of the time) combines with his gloves and, probably, with his boots. On the other hand, the marks on the jacket in a metalic grey tone is the same as the collar, arms and belt pocket in his leg.

We must admit that the character’s crotch is notably highlighted. But seeing Deadpool’s pose and seeing that he has a "light hand" (pun intended) we prefer to assume it’s just the heat of the moment and not an error of our defended.


(additional defense by Myca Vykos)

We all know that ROB! rules. That he is a fucking genious of the drawing pen is public domain. But what most of the populace may not know is that ROB! is one of the greatest fighters for freedom of speech and censorship in comic books.

ROB!’s ideas have always been clear. You can’t limit art. And the rigid Marvel was not the best place to express freely, that’s the main reason he funded Image (not like that greedy TODD!, we all know he did it exclusively for the dough). In Marvel ROB! wanted to make more adult stories but Bob Harras wouldn’t go with it. Time always puts everyone on it’s place and Bob ended up in Wildstorm, under JIM! Lee’s orders.

But during his ternure in Marvel ROB!, as any other GENIOUS, would still camouflage his art to draw whatever he wanted. And if he felt like drawing bizare sex, he would have it, independent of what his bosses wanted.


A superficial view of the image makes you think that Garrison Kane is a cyborg that has launched his left hand towards Deadpool’s neck. But that is not the case. If there’s something that ROB! masters it’s kinetic lines. Let’s clean the image and see where the hand comes and where is it heading.


There it is. The hand comes from the center top and goes to the center bottom. Think of where this hand has left and where it’s heading. How can a fist come from "there"? Of course. Haven’t you seen Kane’s scrotch? Why should there be any limits in cyborgs design? 

Yes, gentlemen. The dialogs may say whatever they want but this pannel shows clearly what the sexual practices between members of the Weapon-X Project are. Cyberfisting, gentlemen. Top this if you can.

(And for those wondering where Kane’s right hand is there is an easy answer: it’s taking a beer with his right foot)


(Be here next week for this:

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