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It’s 12:27 on the east coast and I can honestly say I have never, ever, wanted to extend one year just one day longer more than I did this one! . FIFTY was my favorite year on planet earth. It was a wild ride professionally but mostly, and the reason I loved it so, it was the best memories with our family. It was a perfect blend of ages. Who knew that ages 18, 16 and 14 were the key to the most fun we’ve ever had? Every trip, every memory, every event was an absolute blast. And boy did we pack it in like never before, 2 graduations, sent my oldest to college, my daughter started high school!! I’m a man blessed beyond belief. I love my kids, they are each a spectacular treasure, and my amazing wife Joy who holds it all together is the best friend I’ve ever had. You were grand 50, I’ll cherish those memories the most! Kicking off 51 in the greatest city in the world with new adventures to come! 9 years to 60!!! #nyc

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En 1972 fui acusado de un delito que no había cometido y desde entonces sobrevivo como soldado de fortuna

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