D for Defense #27

(Previously on DfD…)

(by Kiko)

I have been told that there are people that don’t share our faith, that don’t believe in ROB! They even allow themselves to criticize his Capitan America.

Heretics! Infidels! You need to be shown which is the true greatness of ROB!, and for that we are going to carefully study an awesome image of his Capitan America:


NNooooo, this one has already been seen too much, we all know those two "powerfull reasons" to follow Capitan America’s book at that precise moment, but now we need go back a little more and study ROB!’s Capitan America before he got his uniform:



Weeeeell… This isn’t the image either! I said before getting his uniform! I didn’t mean I wanted to see him out of it! Allow me a moment and I will get the image by myself…

Now! Finally!

This is the image I was refering to, where you can also see the greatness of ROB!. If we take a look, which is the first thing that comes to mind?

Efectively, teeth! Both Nick Fury and Steve Rogers wear a huge and impecable denture worthy of the best Colgate models. They are so perfect that they look exactly the same, as it also does the set from the women’s mask.

Because they are american teeth in perfect american faces. That is why they look alike, this is their real face! This way ROB! represents the face of all unkown american soldiers. Aren’t they all the same under the law in their Country? Aren’t they all the same under their flag? This is our ROB!, an american patriot!

Even Red Skull has a great white set of teeth! Because, can’t you also find a little of good and pureness in any villain? This is ROB!’s way of telling us that Red Skull is not the typical Nazi flat villain and he has some depth underneath him.

Now we can focus in the most GENIUS! part of this cover, in the "piece of resistance". I am refering, of course, to the AWESOME! drawing of Steve Rogers.

Do you think that Steve Rogers would need to prescind of his neck to adopt that pose? You’re right! He is ROB!’s Capitan America, he always holds his head high. Always! And if he needs to new articulations in his non existent neck to maintain his thundering look into the skies, he just creates them! That’s the  reason Steve Rogers is a supersoldier and we are not.

Look now at his legs and feet, well, foot; the other one has misteriously becomed invisible (I am sure it’s part of a Red Skull’s plan). Is it posible to maintain that pose? How can a man this big have such small feet (well, small foot)? Wrong again! This is what the soldier super-serum is for. Haven’t we seen Capitan America jumping and doing imposible stunts while fighting in mid air? Which other colective jumps and does imposible stunts in the air? Exactly, the
dancers. That is why ROB! represents Steve Rogers with these small dancer’s feet. ROB! knows that the summit of human perfection must be something between a ballet dancer and a young Arnold Swazeneger.

If you don’t think alike look at those HUGE arms that ROB! has drawn. That’s how you represent Capitan America, with huge arms capable of reaching out and embrace everything, as his beloved USA.

Finally, let’s focus on something very important for Capitan America, his shield. In this image it was a weird shape, slightly twisted, you could even say that is dented.

But we know that nothing is accidental and in ROB!’s art everything has it’s meaning. Look at the drawing again. Have you realized? That’s right, this is a Steve Roger’s drawing, not Capitan America. That is why his shield looks deformed and dented, with this ROB! is telling us that Steve Rogers can fight but he is not fully ready, he is still not Capitan America… Don’t tell me you haven’t seen?



(Be here next week for this:

26.jpg )


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