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The phallus, as signifier of desire and power, as base of androcentric culture (do not confuse with anthropocentric) has been studied by many escolars and intelectuals. But never in this way.

The phallus cult appears in all cultures, normally asociated with deities from all pantheons. Ir already appeares in the paleolitic paintings of Altamira, Priapus was already worshiped and in Rome it was a common element. Shiva is sometimes represented as a erect phallus. In Japan once a year there is a "kami" procession with the shape of a phallus.

In this masterwork, Liefeld exposes the power of the phallus in our cultures – in the best way that a genious can do this, with an example – he shows to us a portentous image, causes and results of the phallus, as a simbolic order and an explanatory element of our culture.

The hero ("Shatterstar) appears in front of reader as a symbol full of symbols. Is there anything more phallic than a sword made to penetrate your adversary, whose head is occult but it’s shaft appears in all it’s fullness?

In the apparent disproportion of the muscles in the arm we can see another huge phallus that ends in the deltoids. From the elbow to the hand another phallus appears upright, united with the hand. Obviously the reading of the another hand-glans would appear confusing which is why (and not for any other reason) that the other hand gets diluted with the phallus-sword.

His raised leg, erect from the crotch, shining and potent, is a niveous phallus that points to the other way. That’s why left and right are targeted by phalluses. One penetrating and sharp, the other thick and kind. The two usual interpretations of phallic power are therefore represented in the same drawing.

The hero itself is an inmense erection, shooting vital fluid through his mane.

The background, dotted with white dots, doesn’t leave much doubt about the artist’s intention of representing seminal fluid.

In an aparently pop art simple composition, Rob Liefeld shows the phallus inherence, inherited and impulsed by our culture, where it
openly penetrates.

To some other place where it’s been said that Liefeld has done a bad drawing we can only respond "When a wise man points at the moon only
the fool looks at his finger".

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  1. Once again ADLO’s not-too-subtle attempts at left leaning propaganda borders on the pathethic. Thess mix of half-baked truths and deformed facts disguised as otherwise legit celebrations of the Works of ROB! should be taught at reporter’s schools around the world.

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