D for Defense #33

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By everyone is known that comics in the 90s would have not been the same without Rob Liefeld. It’s to him that we owe the authentic revolution in the ninth art that a young generation of promising
artists just signed up. To him we owe too the creation of two of the most charismatic Marvel mutant characters: Cable y Deadpool.

Nonetheless, malicious gossip, envy, perfidies and infighting for power in Marvel would cause that our dear Liefeld left that ship for greener pastures, even before the very rats left too. A terrible loss
for Marvel who then saw how these two creations were mistreated with impunity by writers and drawers without the genious that characterizes Rob.

But as it always, karma is a bitch. The big bosses at Marvel took 12 long years but ended up realizing where greatness lived and knew what they needed to relaunch two of their main mutant comicbooks. Of course we are refering to Rob. The readers demanded his return to the characters and making them relevant again in the modern Marvel Universe. It only took him to draw a cover. This cover.

A slight look is enough to get all the messages Rob is throwing to us. Maybe the uneducated and infidels will think it’s the same kind of image repeated over and over again with a few tweaks. But their lack of vision blocks them from seeing that Rob is reasserting the true nature of both characters, the one that he gave to them in their creation.

The coloured background expresses the explosive return of Rob to recover his creations: Cable and Deadpool.

But appart from that everything is there. Nothing has changed and everything is new. Big guns, tense muscles, shinning eyes, dynamic lines to enhance the shapes, to give them three dimensions… There is nothing missing. Except the feet, there are many that consider this
Rob’s only weakness. They fail again in their foul intentions, because this lack of feet is again a subliminal message. Who hasn’t heard the phrase "Gigant with feet of clay"? It tries to convey the idea that any colossus has a weakness that may cause it’s fall. Comicbook characters are gigants in their own world, they are adored, even idolized, by fans. But, as time passes, fall into oblivion, fall like gigants with feet of clay.

Rob, one more time, shows that his characters are way beyond that. He hides their feet on purpose to reafirm the idea that they will still endure when all of us have disapeared. Are we not seeing how Cable and Deadpool are being reborn through Rob’s touch, after years of mindless wandering? Aren’t the signs clear enought?

But that is not all. The cultivated reader will see how there seems to be a disproportion between Cable’s size and Deadpool’s when perspective would indicate just the oposite. Error. It’s not that
perspective that we have to use. What happened earlier? Cable or Deadpool? Cable, of course, Rob created him first. Sometime later Deadpool would appear, as a die hard enemy of the first. That is the greatness of this drawing, Rob also trasmits this cause and effect between both characters. In the image we can see how Cable is "giving birth" to Deadpool as he seems to emerge from behind Cable’s family jewels, in a metaphor of how his appearance ended up providing Deadpool’s origin. Like Aphrodite rising from the foam of Uranus severed gonads. Notice too the ovoid shape of Cable’s legs, like if he was hosting inside him a recently born creature. Is that not enough
proof that we are again in front of a new piece of genious of our master?

Last but not least we have to point out that Rob is majestic, great and magnanimous but he doesn’t forget. Not the sorrow Marvel’s of rejection of his work, of how it was corrupted and insulted, reduced to a shadow of itself during his absense. That is the reason why he leaves his critics a message using the object that he draws best: Cable’s gun. It’s true that he grabs it with both hands pointing it to an undefined place in the right, but we can also see how, using an artistic technique that allows him to deform perspective, the weapon also points to the front. It’s a message from Rob to his enemies, where he clearly states "no matter where you hide, if you offend Rob you will pay dearly".

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