D for Defense #37

(by Uriondo)

The image that we are sharing tonight is, like any other from this author, a composition prodigy that not always is valued like such by certain bigoted critics. "Why does Rob Liefeld think that guns should have two holes?" argue opponents of Rob!’s work. It’s very simple, smartass. Because it makes MORE sense!

I still remember, years ago, when it was mandatory the use of one rearview mirror in cars. The other one was optional. "Why the hell would anyone want a second one?" was the thought shared by all of us not touched by innovation.

Otto Octavius thought that two arms were not enought, and no one discussed Stan Lee’s mastery over anatomy. Of course he knew that normal people only have two arms. But extraordinary people have the right of choosing as many arms as they feel like.

In fact, unbelievers can now see how USA’s weapon industry has learnt Rob!’s lessons.

They also complaint against the yellow background and the ilumination. Why are these characters confronting their enemy with a yellow background and an intense zenithal light? And it’s here where we find the allegorical that puts Rob! above the average artists. The yellow colour simbolizes in english fear, while in spanish it’s more common to use it as a symbol of bad luck. The critics having underestimated Rob!’s talent only consider (if so) the first meaning while our artist focuses more on it’s second. Rob! is not afraid of bad luck and reminds us that he was brave enought to create his own company. If we counterpose this yellow background with the clear red present in the

clothes of the characters we find a dynamism very infrequent nowadays. It’s easy to enfatize a bright colour over black and white as  Frank Miller o Spielberg do. But doing it in the 90s? Boy, that wasn’t easy at all.

Last but not least, we must highlight the wordplay made by using our character’s names.





It’s here where Rob! shows his love for literacy. Not everyone would know how to make an alliteration like him. It reminds the refreshness of a fresh drink (blobloblo). It’s a young and vibrant sound to win over youth.

And with that I rinse my tears of admiration and say goodbye for today, friends of Rob!’s work.

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  1. Now that last image is a good representation of what happened to Marvel in the 90s. Because we know where that hand is going to end up, right?

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